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Mariners Beat Royals 3-2, Take Series

The Royals on Sunday lost 3-2 to the Mariners.

The loss gave the Mariners the series victory two games to one.

Kyle Davis (5-7) was credited with the loss.

Will McDonald from Royals Review kind of let loose on the the Royals "youth movement" after this game.

It's going to take time. That's how I feel about Ned Yost and the supposed "youth movement" that's kinda sorta going on with the Royals right now. When it comes down to it, the Royals are still a pretty misguided organization and a pretty cowardly one at that. We just saw Dayton have a really good fortnight, but that doesn't mean everything's going to be logical right away. This is the Royals. Alex Gordon and Kila are just pups... just 26 year old pups. Playing them too much would just be insane.

Hey, at least Alex Gordon hit a home run on Sunday.

Check out the full post-game reaction from Royals fans.