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Josh Selby's Status Still Unclear, Says He Feels Good About Being Cleared

Kansas recruit Josh Selby has yet to be cleared by the NCAA to play for the Jayhawks in 2010 and beyond.

He said on Tuesday night via Twitter:

i feel good about me being cleared but i dont know for sure.

The last time we heard from KU coach Bill Self he also expressed optimism that Selby would be eligible.

The NCAA is looking into his relationship with Robert Frazier, who advised him during the recruitment process and is also the business manager of Carmelo Anthony. The connection is that they're all from the Baltimore area.

Selby is among the highest-rated recruits for the 2010 offseason. KU always has great classes so they would still have a good one without Selby -- it just wouldn't be among the tops in the country like it is now.

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