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NFL Preseason, Chiefs vs. Packers: Two Starters May Be Out

The Kansas City Chiefs and Green Bay Packers will meet on Thursday evening at Arrowhead Stadium for the final preseason game of the year.

For the Chiefs, they could be missing a few key players. Here's a run down on where the Chiefs stand with injuries.

  • OLB Tamba Hali: He missed a couple of days of practice this week and, according to the Kansas City Star, had his "ankle heavily taped" during practice. Considering it's preseason, there's no reason to play him.
  • RT Ryan O'Callaghan: He's another starter that's out. He missed last week and hasn't practiced since so playing him doesn't seem like a sure thing.
  • WR Chris Chambers: He appears to be OK but did leave practice a little early. Todd Haley seemed to indicate he's fine.
  • G Darryl Harris: He's been missing since the middle of training camp. Don't expect him to play.
  • DB Maurice Leggett: He had a head injury two weeks ago and hasn't practice so it doesn't look like he'll play. Better to be safe in this situation.
  • OLB Cameron Sheffield: Like Leggett, it's probably better to be safe and not play him after a neck injury last week.

Other than Chambers, it appears that these guys will be sitting on Thursday night against the Packers.