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Kansas City Royals Name Mike Moustakas George Brett Hitter Of The Year

It's a big week for Royals minor leaguer Mike Moustakas. He was named the Texas League Player of the Year and then later that night drove in an Omaha record 11 runs.

Now the Royals have named him their George Brett Hitter of the Year.

Pitcher John Lamb won their Paul Splittorff Pitcher of the Year award.

Here are the other awards for the Royals farm system:

OMA: Ka’aihue, Bullington;

NWA: C. Robinson, Teaford;

WIL: Hosmer, Dwyer;

BUR (IA): Myers, Paukovits;

IDF: Watts, Mariot

BUR (NC): Stovall, Simmons;

SURP: Moreno, Yambati;

DOM: Bonifacio, Brazoban.

Congrats to all involved.