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Cowtown Rundown: Kansas City Sports News 9/1

Royals rough up Cliff Lee

The Royals got 10 hits and seven runs off of Rangers ace Cliff Lee on Tuesday night. They had 13 hits and 10 runs.

Two points of note:

  • Kind of a weird game when each team scores nine runs by the top of the sixth and not again until the bottom of the ninth.
  • The Royals just last week had 23 base runners and only four runs so this is a big step for them.

The Royals won in the bottom of the ninth when Willie Bloomquist scored on a wild pitch.

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Chiefs get down to 75 players

The Chiefs roster was 80 on Sunday morning. By Tuesday afternoon, they had to be down to 75 players, per NFL rules. So on Sunday they released four players.

Then on Tuesday they released one more, WR Lance Long. He was a scrappy player that some people liked because he worked hard and seemed to do his job. Head coach Todd Haley said one day during a press conference, 'I wish I had 53 Lance Longs' referring to the way he worked.

The next move for the Chiefs: Get down to 53 players by Saturday. It's going to be a long week.

The Packers at Arrowhead on Thursday and then cuts, cuts and more cuts.

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Mizzou staying focused despite off-the-field problems

Mizzou had four members of its football program arrested in the month of August. I imagine many of them are glad to be moving into a new month and a new season.

On Saturday, those who are eligible (Derrick Washington, Will Ebner and Beau Brinkley, who were all arrested, are not) will play. Given the Washington situation, it's understandable if it's been hard to focus lately.

For the MU players available to play Saturday, most insisted yesterday that the off-field trouble hasn’t shifted the team’s focus away from the Illinois game. De’Vion Moore, one of the tailbacks asked to pick up slack in the running game in Washington’s absence, said the last few days around the team facility have been "a little different and a lot more focused."

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Josh Selby says there's no decision yet from NCAA

Prized recruit is waiting for the NCAA to clear him so he can attend Kansas University and play basketball.

He said last night on his Twitter accountt that he feels "good about me being cleared but i dont know for sure."

And so we wait. Bill Self has expressed optimism that he'll be in Lawrence as has Selby.

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