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Cowtown Rundown: Kansas City Sports News 9/10

Chiefs preparing for MNF against Chargers; announce Billy Ray Cyrus, Train

The Chiefs are continuing to prepare for Monday Night Football against the Chargers. At this point, it's possible the Chiefs have two players miss the game -- RT Ryan O'Callaghan and LB Cameron Sheffield. O'Callaghan seems questionable having practiced individual drills on Wednesday and then didn't practice on Thursday. Sheffield is almost assuredly not playing.

The Chiefs also announced that Billy Ray Cyrus would sing the national anthem at MNF and Train would be the halftime performance. There's still another surprise and the Chiefs are asking you in your seats at 8:35 for the 9:15 kickoff.

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Mizzou's four defensive end front

Mizzou has a defense they'll run sometimes on passing downs that uses four defensive ends along the defensive line.

The KC Star has a nice run down of the defense.

Passing plays generally put the offensive line into protection mode, blocking and holding ground rather than attacking. Again, theoretically, lighter and more speedy and agile players (Aldon Smith weighs 260 and Jacquies Smith 255) can sometimes beat that strategy.

"You’ve got four fast guys on the line," Sam said. "The purpose is making the quarterback feel uncomfortable in the pocket."

It makes sense. Most defensive coordinators will put quicker linemen on the defensive line in nickel or pass situations so that they can get to the quarterback. Mizzou's got a lot of pieces on that defense they can use.

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Off day for the Royals

The Royals had an off day on Thursday after being swept by the Twins.

Next they move onto Cellular Field, home of the Chicago White Sox.

Pitching tonight at 7:10 p.m. is Bruce Chen for the Royals and Mark Buehrle for the White Sox.

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