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Georgia Tech Fans Predicting Big Victory Over Kansas

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Georgia Tech and Kansas will play on Saturday and it's expected that the Yellow Jackets will roll against the Jayhawks.

SB Nation's Georgia Tech community, From The Rumble Seat, is predicting a big Tech victory.

Bird: Kansas hasn't won a game since last October. They aren't starting a new win streak with us. Tech covers and I'm taking the over...42-14.

Winfield: If we give up more points than North Dakota State did than we have FAILED! Tech takes it 48-0. No not really, they'll put up a better fight this time around. We still reach the 40's and I'll spot them 13 points because of our 3-4 defense-learning. 42-13 Techsters.

So it's going to be 42-14 or 42-13 -- either way the result is the same.

I don't think you'll find KU fans making too many arguments about that score.