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Former Dolphins QB Pat White Will Sign With The Kansas City Royals

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That headline is not a typo.

Pat White -- former Miami Dolphins quarterback -- will sign with the Kansas City Royals, according to Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk.

Florio reports that it'll be a minor league deal with the Royals and that the team understands "that White remains interested in playing football, and they will be flexible in letting him return to football if/when an opportunity arises."

With no one signing him since he's been released in the last week it could be an indication that he needs a year in the CFL or UFL.

An interesting connection here is that White was selected by the Bill Parcells-led Dolphins. Parcells is the father-in-law to Kansas City Chiefs GM Scott Pioli, who of course shares a parking lot with Royals GM Dayton Moore. Pioli said months ago on a Royals telecast that he does like to talk to leaders of other organizations like Moore.

This isn't the first time baseball has entered the picture for White as he was drafted a few times while in college including most recently by the Yankees in 2009.

White was known as a run-first quarterback in college at West Virginia. He was selected in the second round by the Miami Dolphins and couldn't ever make the transition to a successful NFL quarterback. The Dolphins released him on Sept. 4, the final day of cut downs.

Since then he hasn't received any bites from other NFL teams, which is presumably the reason he's making the switch to baseball.