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KU Chancellor Says Many People Are Interested In Athletic Director's Job

Bernadette Gray-Little told school administrators on Friday that she's heard from plenty of people regarding the search for a new athletic director at Kansas.

It should be among the best the jobs in the country because of much of the leg work Perkins put in. The basketball team is elite and the football facilities are very solid. Plus the pay probably isn't bad.

“I haven’t heard from the Vatican or the White House,” she joked, per, “at least not yet.”

She's putting together a search committee of five or six folks to find the next AD. She hopes to have the new AD by the middle of the spring semester which would be about March.

So it sounds like it's a solid job -- that or Gray-Little is saying that publicly to draw more interest into the job. The more people that want the job the more school-friendly contract they can get.