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McNeese State's Weaknesses Play Right Into Mizzou's Strengths

Mizzou and McNeese State are now just hours from the second game of the college football season

For McNeese State, it figures to be a long day.

Last week against Lamar, McNeese State gave up 426 yards passing and three touchdowns. That's against Lamar. You heard of 'em?

Mizzou, if you haven't heard, isn't too bad passing the ball. They have this guy -- Blaine Gabbert. Heard of him? I think the advantage goes to MU here.

McNeese State also gave up just 20 yards rushing on 16 carries. That's OK because Mizzou won't rely on their running game a whole lot. If you haven't heard, there's been a bit of a running back controversy.

Not that Mizzou fans needed the extra assurance that the Tigers will come out victorious but if last week is any indication then Mizzou's passing game will be rolling.