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Kansas Jayhawks Score First Touchdown Of The Year

QB Joshua Nesbitt and Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets took the early lead but the Kansas Jayhawks came back an answered.

KU had to punt on their first drive but QB Jordan Webb has started to prove he was the right choice going 3-for-5 on the drive that resulted in a punt.

QB Joshua Nesbitt and Georgia Tech got the ball back and passed it just once instead letting their rushing attack doing the talking. Nesbitt finished off GT's first drive with a nine-yard touchdown run.

Then KU got the ball back and -- you won't believe it -- they looked like a legitimate offense. Webb is mobile and has a much better arm than Pick. KU drove the ball down the field into Tech territory.  On the 15-yard line, Webb faked a handoff juking out half the Tech defense and hit Bradley McDougald for a 15-yard touchdown pass.

Webb's first two drives look like this: 6-of-8 for 56 yards and a 15-yard touchdown.

In two drives, Webb has done more this season than Pick. Early results say Webb was the right choice.

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