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Kansas Minimizes Mistakes Against Georgia Tech

The Kansas Jayhawks were opportunistic at times on Saturday against Georgia Tech. Whether it was a Georgia Tech running into the kicker penalty, roughing the passer penalty or a false start, it went the Jayhawks way. Those three penalties against Georgia Tech were huge for the Jayhawks.

They had five penalties to the Yellow Jackets nine.

SB Nation's Rock Chalk Talk says there was something that felt different about this game relative to the North Dakota State loss last week.

Start to finish this one felt different.  The mental errors, the miscues and poor execution from a week ago all seemed to go by the wayside.  At the end of the day Kansas get's a huge win for the teams confidence and a win against a top 20 opponent.

Huge may be an understatement. This game doesn't help anyone more than Turner Gill. I'm not sure which game is more surprising: The loss to NDSU or the victory over Georgia Tech?