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Mizzou's Freshman RB Josey Scores Three TDs in 50-6 Victory

It's hard to plan how your first four carries could go much better.

Freshman running back Henry Josey at one point had 108 yards on four carries and three touchdowns. He had one carry last week  and was the third thing string running back on the Derrick Washington-less Tigers.

Josey ended with seven rushes for 112 yards and three touchdowns.

This game was about what you thought it would be. Blaine Gabbert completed his first 15 passes. Josey took away all of Gabbert's yards so he ended up with 220 yards and one touchdown. Gabbert completed 26-of-31 passes.

Mizzou's big lead led to freshman quarterback James Franklin coming into the game completing 6-of-8 passes. Mizzou was up 43-0 in the third quarter when Gabbert exited and Franklin came in.

Receiver T.J. Moe had double-digit receptions once again with ten for 79 yards.

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