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Mizzou Football Depth Chart: Will Ebner, Beau Brinkley Return After DWI Arrests

Mizzou will see a couple of players return after being arrested for DWI last month.

LB Will Ebner and TE Beau Brinkley have been out the last two weeks because they were arrested for DWI in August.

Gary Pinkel said, via Dave Matter of the Columbia Tribune, that Ebner and Brinkley would return this week.

Pinkel says that both players will play in week three against San Diego State.

So was the punishment fair?

Two games for a DWI weeks before the season is more than fair in my opinion. In fact, I may have even made it a little harsher.

Mizzou has had a bad reputation over the last few weeks with players (and a coach) getting arrested but Pinkel has been tough on them. He sat Ebner and Brinkley down for two games and kicked Derrick Washington off the team after allegations of sexual assault rose.

You can knock Mizzou for these players getting in trouble but Pinkel is doling out the punishments.