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Kansas City Royals Schedule For Instructional League

The Kansas City Royals roster for the instructional league has been set.

Here is the schedule for the 18-game league.

Sept. 27 vs. Dodgers; Sept. 28 at Rangers; Sept. 29 work day; Sept. 30 at Padres; Oct. 1 at White Sox; Oct. 2 vs. Rangers; Oct. 3 off.

Oct. 4 at Mariners; Oct. 5 vs. Rangers; Oct. 6 work day; Oct. 7 at Rangers; Oct. 8 vs. Padres; Oct. 9 at Reds; Oct. 10 off.

Oct. 11 vs. Indians; Oct. 12 vs. Rangers; Oct. 13 work day; Oct. 14 at Rangers; Oct. 15 vs. Dodgers; Oct. 16 at Rangers; Oct. 17 off.

Oct. 18 vs. Giants; Oct. 19 work day; Oct. 20 at Dodgers; Oct 21 work day; Oct. 22 vs. Dodgers.