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Kansas City Chiefs Arrowhead Stadium Hosting Kansas State, Iowa State

The Kansas City Chiefs won't be playing in Arrowhead Stadium on Sunday and that's probably a good thing. On Saturday, Kansas State will meet Iowa State in the Chiefs renovated stadium.

The game kicks off at 11:00 a.m.

Wildcats head coach Bill Snyder says, while he prefers to play in Manhattan, KS -- partly because of the boost to the local economy a home-game brings -- Kansas City is a fine alternative.

"I do not mind playing in Kansas City," Snyder said. "I think Arrowhead Stadium is a wonderful venue. I have a great appreciation for the Hunt family. I always have. They are some great friends, and I genuinely care about the Chiefs organization. I appreciate being able to play a little closer to home to the 23,000-plus that we have in Kansas City."

There will be a few college games played at Arrowhead Stadium this year and it's an excellent change of pace for the NCAA games. It's a massive stadium relative to other college venues fitting over 75,000 people.

It all goes down on Saturday.

SB Nation's Bring On The Cats has some must-read parking information if you plan on heading to the game.