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The Chiefs Early Schedule Presents The Most Difficult Contests

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If you're a close fan of the Chiefs, you know that last year's schedule was quite difficult. Thus, you probably also breathed a sigh of relief when you saw this year's overall schedule. With several perceived cupcakes on this year's schedule (although others probably consider KC to be the same as they glance at their own 16-game slate), this season should present a much easier time overall for the Chiefs talent to develop and see what pieces fit where.

But that doesn't mean it's a cakewalk. In fact, the earlier half could present a lot of issues. There's the third and fourth games of the season against the NFC West favorite 49ers and the following week at Indianapolis to face Peyton Manning and company.

Both the Texans and the Jaguars are always tough contests with the former an especially alluring pick by many sportswriters as a possible divisional favorite to finally topple the Colts. In fact, the only games in the front 8 that seem favorable for the Chiefs include the Raiders in Week 9 (with a new QB and impressive offseason), the Browns in Week 2 (who I think will surprise some people) and the Bills in Week 8 (who will be historically bad this season). The Chiefs could very well find themselves 3-5 at the season's turn or even 2-6 or 1-7 if the dominoes fall the wrong way.

Then again, the second half is divisional foes and the worst of the NFC West. That's a great sign and if the Chiefs can look at the second half with three or four wins already underneath the belt, things could get quite interesting in the division. But first, the team will most likely take their lumps in the early going and will need to find the inner strength to hold their heads up and know the waves calm down after a while. The Chiefs now have the coaching staff to embody the right attitude and routine to do just that.