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Pat White Settles Into Kansas City, Prepares For Royals Instructional League

The Kansas City Royals last week surprised both the baseball and football world when they signed former Miami Dolphins QB Pat White to a minor-league contract.

White has taken some batting practice recently but hasn't really stepped on a field since 2004.

So how did things come about with the Royals? Via the KC Star:

“They were the first (team) to be interested and they got in contact with my agent,” said White, who has been taken in the MLB Draft four times since his senior year in high school. “I’m thankful for the opportunity.”

I suppose you gotta give Dayton Moore credit for thinking outside the box on this one.

Now that White's in the fold, his next move is to head to Arizona where he'll be part of the Royals Instructional League. He'll be joined by former first round picks Aaron Crow and Christian Colon.

When asked about playing football again one day, he said, "I love playing both games," which suggests he still has an interest in football. Considering football is what made him famous and earned him his first professional contract. I wouldn't be surprised to see him return at the first chance he got.