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Chiefs vs. Browns: Kansas City Will Prepare For Seneca Wallace, Too

There's no update yet on whether it will be Jake Delhomme or Seneca Wallace taking the snaps under center in the Cleveland Browns and Kansas City Chiefs game. Because of that, the Chiefs will be prepared to defend both.

Delhomme is more of a pure pocket-passer while Wallace's unique threat includes his athleticism and ability to run.

Chiefs coach Todd Haley said that he's familiar with Wallace from his days in Arizona. The Cardinals are in the same division as the Seattle Seahawks and Wallace previously played there. He also saw him a few times during the preseason while with the Cowboys.

He says he can be a drop-back passer but that he's unique because of his legs

For years, John Elway killed the Chiefs by using his legs to get away from defenders. Wallace played the Chiefs in 2006 and only rushed for 21 yards but sometimes the threat is enough to change the game.

We'll find out more about Delhomme's status on Friday.