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Kansas Jayhawks Offense Can Continue To Roll Against Southern Miss

The Kansas Jayhawks scored just three points against lowly North Dakota State. That was part of the reason I figured they'd get rolled by the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets. Of course, KU football shocked everyone and took the game from GT.

They did in part because Jordan Webb and the offense was able to move the ball somewhat consistently.

This Friday against Southern Miss, the Jayhawks offense has a good shot at putting together two good weeks in a row.

Owen Kemp of Rock Chalk Talk interviewed Allan Misner of to get a feel for what Southern Miss is all about. One key part of what they're missing is a consistent defense, Misner tells Kemp.

If you can find a Southern Miss fan that is happy with our defense, he's only pretending to be a Southern Miss fan.  We have lost our trademark Nasty Bunch.  The players have the strength and skill, but either the system or the execution are significantly off.  Right now, most of us are just hoping that the offense can outscore our opponents.

The Jayhawks biggest concern has been the offense (and the quarterback) but after last week there's some renewed confidence in that side of the ball.

It appears as if Southern Miss will provide a great opportunity for KU to put up another good offensive performance. When you're dealing with teams and units that have struggled, momentum and confidence is critical.

We'll see if KU can get the momentum rolling once again this weekend.