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This May Be The Last Year For KSU, ISU And Farmageddon

Farmageddon is the name folks have given to Kansas State and Iowa State's game at Arrowhead Stadium. The nickname is a couple of years old but may not last much longer.

Blair Kerkhoff of the KC Star has a good story on the subject.

The Wildcats probably won't continue the series beyond Saturday, and it pains me to say this: Returning the game to campus would be the right call.

A game like this requires compelling reasons to exist outside its natural setting, and Farmageddon, which features two colleges with a strong agricultural curriculum, doesn't have enough.

For K-State, the game makes sense because they have so many alumni here. They can attract people to the game...but is it enough? I didn't attend the game last year but I saw pictures of Arrowhead Stadium and it looked like...well, that the Chiefs were playing there. Maybe half-full.

I can see how K-State would end this as Bill Snyder doesn't like these games anyway. He'd rather bring everyone to Manhattan and have them spend their money in that town.