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Mizzou vs. SDSU: A Tale Of Two Quarterbacks

Mizzou football is getting ready to play QB Ryan Lindley and San Diego State University this evening at 6:00 p.m. at Faurot Field.

As usual, the most important position and player in the game will be the quarterback. Mizzou's guy isn't bad -- ever hear of Blaine Gabbert? Yeah he can get it done.

For SDSU, it's Ryan Lindley. Rock M Nation has a nice interview with MWC Connection to better get to know SDSU. RMN pointed out that Lindley has a 54% completion percentage, which is not very good.

Why? MWC Connection explains:

The low percentage rate has been due to that they like to throw a lot due to trailing to a lot games, plus Lindley likes to force balls at times. I think the offensive line is part of the reason for LIndleys low completion rate, because under former coach Chuck Long the offense was a spread offense with a leaner offensive line. A lot of those same players are starting now and last year they had trouble holding off defenders for too long, and they had to learn to pass block with Brady Hoke's offense.

His completion percentage has been between 56 and 54 the last two years so this isn't an anomaly. Generally in college systems you can see inflated completion percentages. It's interesting that his is so low and he's continued to be the starter.

Check out the full interview at Rock M Nation.