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Not Much Is Learned After KU's 31-16 Loss To Southern Miss

Well, after the North Dakota State game I thought we could say that we learned the Kansas Jayhawks were an overrated bunch and not a very good football team. After the Georgia Tech game I could say we learned that the Kansas Jayhawks were potentially underrated and at least have the talent to compete with some of the upper-tier in the country.

After the 31-16 loss to Southern Miss? I didn't learn much.

I didn't see this team come back after a big victory and demonstrate the same fire two weeks in a row. I saw special teams mistakes, I saw a team get down early....but I didn't learn much.

Like me, Owen Kemp of Rock Chalk Talk seems to have trouble figuring out what to take away from this game.

Beyond that it's hard to ignore the coaching concerns and disorganization at times during the game, but just a week after praising the group for the win against Georgia Tech it might be wise to just take a step back and breathe before reacting too far one way or the other any time Kansas plays in 2010.

I have a feeling this will be a strange, strange year for KU. Beating GT but losing to NDSU -- that's definitely strange.

It'll be a few weeks before we start to see some real trends developing with this team because right now they're either real high or real low. There's not much consistency.

Check out the full post-game reaction over at Rock Chalk Talk.