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Jordan Webb, KU Offense Doesn't Impress Against Southern Miss

After week one against North Dakota State, it was clear the biggest problem for KU was the offense. Three points against a school like that was miserable. The defense, if you watched the game, was not the biggest problem.

Then the next week against Georgia Tech, Jordan Webb lights it up completing throwing for three touchdown passes. It was like it was a whole new player and a whole new offense. They were exciting and they were consistently moving the ball. It was a lot of fun to watch.

...and then there's the Southern Miss game.

I'll give Webb credit for not blowing the game -- he completed 16-of-26 passes with no interceptions. His last touchdown came late in the fourth quarter when Southern Miss lead by 21 points.

Webb's performance was It wasn't great by any means but at least he didn't implode, ala KU quarterbacks in week one against NDSU.

After the GT performance, it's clear Webb is the right choice. After Kale Pick's first bad game of the year, he was yanked for Webb.

Let's hope Turner Gill doesn't continue that trend. Webb needs full confidence from his coach and the rest of the team. Quarterback isn't a position that you play magical chairs with.

Webb will get better. He's young. Even with the lack of star-power stats in the Southern Miss game, I like how he didn't implode in this game when KU was down by three scores late. Instead, he hit Johnathan Wilson for a 41-yard touchdown pass.