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Chiefs vs. Browns: Advantage Kansas City With Jake Delhomme Likely Out?

The Kansas City Chiefs and Cleveland Browns will face each other on Sunday afternoon in Cleveland, OH. It's unlikely Jake Delhomme, the starting quarterback, will be available for the Browns. He's been out all week with an ankle injury and Seneca Wallace has been taking first team snaps.

That means the Chiefs will now be facing a quarterback that is a threat to run the ball. It'll be interesting to see how they can defend it.

I would say Wallace isn't as accurate as Delhomme but over the last season, Delhomme has been one of the most interception prone quarterbacks in the league.

It's unclear if this will provide an advantage to Kansas City or not. Wallace probably isn't too big of a dropoff from Delhomme.

The Chiefs were two point underdogs on Wednesday and today (Saturday) they are three point underdogs.