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Predicting The AFC West Standings: Week Two

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This looks to be a very good week for the AFC West. And if things play out the way I see them, the Chiefs will need to beat the Browns in order to keep pace with the rest of the division. That's because each of their AFC West rivals should win this weekend's contest. Let's take a closer look:

Rams at Raiders
This is a very winnable game at home for the Raiders, who need to bounce back well from their complete meltdown against the Titans. The Rams continue to watch Sam Bradford grow into the quarterback of the future and he will shine in a few moments. And Stephen Jackson continues to be one of the NFL's greatest running backs. However, the Raiders have a stout defense and Jason Campbell should provide enough stability at offense to overcome what is the NFL's least talented team.
Raiders 20, Rams 7

Seahawks at Broncos
Last week's steamrolling over the 49ers places the Seahawks in questionable category, since most believed the team would struggle in their first year under Pete Carroll. And if Matt Hasselbeck can stay healthy, they have a fighting chance at respectability. However, on the road in Denver is a tough place to play and I'm not on board with the 'Hawks by any means. The Broncos, meanwhile, should rebound well from the disappointing loss to the Jags. The Broncos defense will have a field day with the Seahawks offensive line and I wouldn't be surprised if this is the game that Hasselbeck goes out.
Broncos 14, Seahawks 3

Jaguars at Chargers

This is the toughest game that any AFC West team plays, but there's no way a team as talented as the Chargers starts 0-2 on the season. Philip Rivers and Norv Turner will construct a game plan to keep the Jags defense on the field and, better yet, to keep Maurice Jones-Drew and company off of the field. There's no way David Garrard will repeat last week's MVP type of performance (3 TDs, 0 INT; 76% completion rate). It will be close, but Ryan Mathews will find his stride and Rivers arm will carry the Chargers to victory.
Chargers 28, Jaguars 21