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Ending The Fluke Talk: A Kansas City Chiefs Win Would Mean So Much

A Chiefs victory over the Browns on Sunday wouldn't be any other victory. Here's what a Chiefs victory would mean.

The Kansas City Chiefs have started out the season with a victory for the first time since 2005. Though the fans and Arrowhead Stadium aren't completely back after the 10-win-in-three-years fiasco, they're on the brink. There's a large percentage of the fans in Kansas City who are waiting for the Chiefs to do it again. Win again and we're back, they'll say.

That comes today against the Cleveland Browns.

Vegas says the Browns are three point favorites but I think reality would say this is the Chiefs game. They're coming off a huge victory against the Chargers, fans are holding their collective breath wondering if this team is legit and the Chiefs are a flat-out better team than the Browns.

A Chiefs victory would mean so much more to these Chiefs than any one else. While many are excited about the Chiefs, there are still plenty of question marks. While many people are excited about Eric Berry, he hasn't made that "wow" play. While many people are excited about Jamaal Charles and Thomas Jones, they haven't gained that many yards.

You get it. We're excited about this team because a Chargers victory shows that they can rise to the occasion.

A Browns victory would have more implications on the season. That means the Chiefs would be 2-0. It means talking playoffs would not be crazy -- hey, we're just looking at the odds. It means Arrowhead Stadium would be rockin' once again when the 49ers come to town. It means the Chiefs would enter the by week with a winning record.

[Editor's note: On a side note, the Chiefs starting 2-0 is just wild to say. I was so conditioned to think they would lose the Chargers game.]

It's about eliminating the idea that Monday Nigh Football was a fluke. A 56-yard touchdown plus a forced fumble and return plus a 94-yard punt return -- I can see how people would argue that's fluky.

Do it again against the Browns and end the fluke.