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Chiefs vs. Browns: Six Keys To The Game

The Kansas City Chiefs and Cleveland Browns meet in Cleveland this afternoon.

CBS is airing the game and went over their keys to the game.

  • The Cribbs Factor: Cribbs had quite the day on special teams against the Chiefs last year. Eliminating his big plays will be key.
  • Charles In Charge: Charles scored on a 56-yard touchdown run last week. He needs to break a big one for the Chiefs to secure this game.
  • Showtime for Seneca: Wallace becomes the starter with Jake Delhomme down.
  • Storm The Cassel: The Browns will try to pressure Cassel. It makes sense to force him into mistakes.
  • Youth Is Served: The Chiefs rookies had a big week last week. They'll need to come up big again.
  • Dexter McCluster Factor: He had a 94-yard touchdown return last week and, like Charles, can do some special things in open space.

That about covers it. The big one, in my mind, is Matt Cassel. The Chiefs can't win much if Cassel throws for under 100 yards.