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NFL Preseason, Chiefs vs. Packers: Staying Healthy Is Key

For the Kansas City Chiefs, their most important job against the Green Bay Packers is to stay healthy.

Forget sacking the quarterback, throwing touchdowns and special teams.

There is nothing more important than staying healthy tonight.

The Chiefs are not a deep team. Todd Haley said this week, "We don't have enough depth anywhere." And that's the truth.

Right tackle Ryan O'Callaghan went down last week and, if he's not healthy, Barry Richardson would be a starter.

Nothing against Richardson but he's more likely on the team because of a lack of options than anything he's done. He's been OK backing up O'Callaghan but he's not a long-term option there.

An injury would quickly make this a horrible game for the Chiefs. That's why you'll likely see the starters play a quarter or less and the Chiefs will be happy once they get the first team out healthy.

Keep it in mind. The goal tonight is to stay healthy.