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Royals Timetable On Jason Kendall's Return Is Too Optimistic

Royals catcher Jason Kendall, who has a torn rotator cuff, is undergoing season-ending shoulder surgery.

It's generally considered an 8-10 month recovery time.

Here's what Ned Yost said about Kendall's return:

"We're hoping to have him back by the spring," manager Ned Yost said. "We can get him through spring training, we hope, and have him ready for opening day."


Opening day would be the first week of April. That means Yost is suggesting that Kendall will be back in seven months.

Presumably when folks talk about 8-10 month recovery time they're not talking about 36-year-old catchers. Things like injury and recovery time generally don't get better with age.

The Royals probably need to be realistic about this injury. It seems that his return would, considering his age, be closer to 10 months than seven months.

I understand the optimism but it seems a bit much in this case.