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Can The Kansas Jayhawks Win The Big 12 Without Josh Selby?

The last time we heard from Kansas basketball recruit Josh Selby he was confident he would be cleared by the NCAA to play for the Jayhawks in 2010.

SB Nation's Big 12 Hoops thinks KU will need Selby to be legitimate national title contenders and to win the Big 12.

In their offseason power rankings for Big 12 basketball, they put Kansas State -- and not Kansas -- as the favorite.

While I think KU should probably be considered the favorite to win yet another Big 12 title, I currently have them #2 simply because of the question mark of Josh Selby. Without Selby, the Jayhawks don't have a proven stud in the backcourt and championships are won these days with great guard play. My guess is Selby gets eligible and KU is not only a Big 12 Title contender but a national title contender.

That's high praise for a kid who's never played a college game but, frankly, it's probably pretty accurate. Selby is, according to some, NBA ready right now so of course he'd help KU in a big way.

The pressure's on as KU waits on Selby.