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Cowtown Rundown: Kansas City Sports News 9/2

Royals can't get it done against first-place Rangers

The Royals won one of three games against the first place Rangers. The Rangers took home game one (3-0) and Wednesday night's 4-3 victory.

The only game the Royals won was a 10-9 Tuesday night game that Cliff Lee started so I suppose that's not a bad one to win.

Yuniesky Betancourt extended his team lead of home runs and Bryan Bullington gave up four through 5 1/3 innings.

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Chiefs, Packers meet tonight

The Chiefs and Packers will meet tonight in the preseason finale. The final preseason game for all NFL teams comes this evening as the season is now 10 days away (Sept. 12 .... Sept. 13 for the Chiefs).

There's one big key tonight: Stay healthy.

The Chiefs starters will likely play for a quarter or less in order to stay sharp and avoid injury. Matt Cassel and co. are still developing so they'll need to play but don't expect much out of them.

It sounds like the Chiefs will be missing two starters -- RT Ryan O'Callaghan and LB Tamba Hali.

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Josh Selby...eligible or not?

With the news of Mizzou's big recruit Tony Mitchell being ruled ineligible for this semester, I figured we'd take a look at Josh Selby, KU's big recruit that's awaiting to be cleared by the NCAA.

Here's what Owen Kemp of Rock Chalk Talk said of Selby:

Sure it matters, but it's not crucial.  I'd still put Kansas as the front runner in the conference with or without him.  With or without him Kansas can win a national title.  There are no gimme's regardless of who you have so one way or anther it's about team chemistry and playing well at the right time.  Selby doesn't ensure either of those happen.  That said, I still want him on the court this year.

I tend to agree...the Jayhawks are of the national championship variety with or without Selby. It just makes it a little easier with him.

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Bad month for Mizzou

To review, the month of August:

  • Bruce Walker, assistant coach, gets a DWI
  • LB Will Ebner gets a DWI
  • TE Beau Brinkley gets a DWI

And then in September:

  • Derrick Washington charged with assault
  • Tony Mitchell can't play basketball in Columbia

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