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Chiefs vs. Browns: Matt Cassel Says 2-0 Is What Matters

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Kansas City Chiefs QB Matt Cassel didn't have a great day completing 16-of-28 passes with two interceptions but the Chiefs still got the 16-14 victory over the Cleveland Browns.

The Chiefs QB talked with 810 WHB on Monday morning and said he's not listening to the doubters.

"I respect people's opinions and everybody has an opinion," Cassel said, "but at the same time, as the quarterback of the team, you have to have tough skin. You stay out of the media and people's opinions because at the end of the day, it comes down to wins and losses. The people that are important to me in terms of my teammates, the ones in that building [and] my family are the ones I really care about -- and I do care about the fans and what they think -- but at the same time it comes down to wins and losses. I'm trying to get better every week and put the best effort on the field for them."

I'm glad Cassel corrected himself there when he started to indicate that the fans' opinions don't matter. In reality, they really don't matter but that's never a good thing to say publicly.

Cassel sure isn't playing great but it's hard to argue with 2-0.