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Fantasy Football, Kansas City Chiefs: Re-Evaluating After Two Weeks

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Here's an update on how the Kansas City Chiefs are looking in the eyes of the fantasy football world.

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Entering the 2010 fantasy football season, I figured there would be at least some fantasy football news about the Kansas City Chiefs.

The reality is that the Chiefs offense is far from a fantasy footballers best friend.

Here are a few key players and what we thought heading into the 2010 NFL season versus the reality after two weeks.

Matt Cassel: With Charlie Weis now helping, some thought Cassel would quickly establish himself as a quarterback in the top half of the league. That has not happened. Cassel has been a nightmare for fantasy football with two below average performances.

Jamaal Charles: He was the second half star of the league last year and so far has been doing well on limited carries. As it turns out, the Thomas Jones and Charles split is becoming an issue for fantasy football. Generally, I favor the team doing whatever it takes to win but, while the Chiefs have won, it's becoming clear that Charles can gain more yards and score from anywhere.

Thomas Jones: As expected, Jones is the feature back in this offense. He had 22 carries on Sunday while Charles had just 11. Jones had a decent day topping 80 yards but won't be a big fantasy football favorite if the Chiefs can't get into the end zone.

Dexter McCluster: We were way wrong on him. I suggested to anyone and everyone that they should pick up McCluster because of the versatility he provides in the passing and running game. So far, he's been non-existent in both. He had a punt return touchdown but, as far as the regular offense goes. he's not much of a factor. We can't expect much out of him until further notice.

Dwayne Bowe: I figured he would have a solid season for the Chiefs. In years one and two he ended around 1,000 yards receiving and then in year three he was suspended putting his season off track. I suspected that he would return to 1,000 yard status in year four but so far it doesn't look like that will happen. Bowe's top performance was four receptions for 45 yards on Sunday.

Tony Moeaki: He was basically invisible during the preseason so my prediction was that he would have little impact on the Chiefs 2010 fantasy football season.  Wrong. Through two games, Moeaki is actually the Chiefs leading receiver. He's becoming a favorite target of Cassel (hey, at least someone is).

Defense: Could it be? Are the Chiefs really winning because of their defense? Brandon Flowers scored a touchdown (the only Chiefs touchdown as a matter of fact) on Sunday and the defense held the opponent to 14 points for the second straight week. This defense is creating turnovers and limited touchdowns. This may be a defense you'll want to pick up moving forward. Somehow, they're working very well together as a unit. Before the season, I said this defense wouldn't be anything special because they hadn't made many moves to correct the problems that had them as one of the worst defenses in 2009. I was completely wrong (and I'm happy about that).