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Kansas Vs. New Mexico State Matchup Breakdown

It's a big week for the local college football teams. Mizzou is a 19.5 point favorite against Miami (Oh.) and now the odds are out on KU football:

23 points.

Yes, KU is a 23-point favorite and they should dominate New Mexico State.

Hmm....the sentence above seems familiar. I could have sworn that, at one point, I said something like, "KU is a big favorite and they should dominate North Dakota State."

The point is that KU football can't get wrapped up in odds or anything like that. They know who's favored but they can't act like it. Their best approach would be to replicate their mindset before the Georgia Tech game. Whatever they did then, worked well.

Here's how SB Nations' Rock Chalk Talk sees the advantages falling in this game:

KU offense vs. NMSU defense

Edge: Kansas

KU defense vs. NMSU offense

Edge: Kansas

RCT also gives NMSU the nod in special teams and coaching.