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Mizzou Football Is A 19.5 Point Favorite Over Miami (Oh.)

This will explain why I do not create the odds for the gamblers across the world.

Without having seen Miami (Oh.) play, and looking at various stories on them, I would have predicted Mizzou enters this game anywhere from a 10-14 point favorite.

The reality is that Mizzou is a whopping 19.5 point favorite against the RedHawks this weekend.

Mizzou is 3-0, a much better team and playing at home so I shouldn't be too surprised.

Mizzou was also two score favorites over San Diego State but needed a 68-yard touchdown pass with less than a minute to go to secure that game so really these lines don't mean much.

But 19.5 point favorites means you should feel pretty good about the Tigers walking away with the W this week.