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Arrowhead Stadium Crowd Will Play A Role In Chiefs, 49ers Game

The San Francisco 49ers travel to Kansas City to play the Chiefs on Sunday inside Arrowhead Stadium. The crowd at the Chiefs season opener -- Monday Night Football against the San Diego Chargers -- contributed to a few false starts and overall communication issues for the Chargers.

The 49ers now come to Kansas City on the heels of some communication issues after Week 1 in Seattle. Here's what SB Nation's Niners Nation had to say about it:

Now, the 49ers head to Arrowhead Stadium. The Seahawks continue to claim Qwest Field is the loudest stadium. And while it might have loudest decibel measurement, the stadium was also specifically designed to keep in the noise and is state of the art. Arrowhead Stadium, even with renovations, is old school enough that it can still bring an intimidating noise factor.

I think that's a pretty fair description of Arrowhead Stadium. Depending on the environment, the word intimidating would be accurate as well.

The Chiefs are now 2-0 and Sunday's game will likely be near the same attendance as the Monday Night Football game. I would bet on at least a couple of false starts and/or early timeouts for the 49ers.