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Former KU Football Coach Mark Mangino Hired By Minnesota

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I heard some people mention that former Kansas Jayhawks football coach Mark Mangino was on the sidelines at the University of Minnesota last weekend. Apparently there was some truth to that rumor.

KSTP 5 in Minneapolis reports that Mangino has been hired as a consultant to Minnesota head coach Tim Brewster.

There's no word yet on what consultant means but Mangino does have some experience building a successful program going 5-48 in his eight years at KU.

Mangino is indeed friends with Brewster so there's that connection as well.

"Minnesota has made huge strides in their second season under Tim Brewster," Mangino said in December of 2008 shortly after accepting a bowl bid to play the Gophers in the Insight Bowl. "They are making outstanding progress and will be a formidable bowl opponent."

I'd be interested to find out what the difference between a consultant and a coach is.

(H/T Rock Chalk Talk)