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Royals' Chris Getz Done For The Year With A Concussion

The Kansas City Royals' Chris Getz suffered a concussion while stealing second base against the Chicago White Sox. The throw from the catcher hit him in the back of head.

Getz had been improving to the point where some thought he would return shortly but his issues began recurring last week prompting him to see a concussion specialist.

The specialist told him that it would take 2-3 more weeks for him to fully recover. The Royals season is over on Oct. 3 so this was the only option.

For the Royals part, GM Dayton Moore expects Getz to be OK.

"It’s a little unsettling," general manager Dayton Moore admitted. "We’d like to go into the off-season knowing that everything is going to be OK. We expect him to be OK."

Now there are varying degrees of concussions but I find the difference between baseball and football startling. A football player can have a concussion and potentially play the next Sunday. More often, you see them miss just one game being out for a total of two weeks. Getz's concussion will cost him over a month and he's not entering into any physical contact.

Getz was involved in the Mark Teahen trade so the Royals have a plan for him moving forward. He'll need to get back to 100% so the Royals can plan their future with him.

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