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Kansas City Chiefs Bye Week: Tyson Jackson, Ryan O'Callaghan And Javier Arenas Limited

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The Kansas City Chiefs enter the bye in Week 4 so they've got a week off.

Chiefs coach Todd Haley said on Tuesday on Sirius NFL Radio that he's been thinking hard about how he'll approach the bye week but, per usual with Haley, he didn't give any specifics.

The Chiefs did practice on Tuesday and there were three players that were in the conditioning area, per Kent Babb of the KC Star.

  • DE Tyson Jackson
  • RT Ryan O'Callaghan
  • CB Javier Arenas

Jackson and O'Callaghan both missed the last two weeks. Jackson is battling a knee and most think he'll be ready for Indy in two weeks while O'Callaghan's injury is an unknown. Arenas went down on Sunday with some sort of leg/ankle injury and didn't return.