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Upset In Lawrence: North Dakota State Beats Kansas, 6-3

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Kansas Jayhawks head coach Turner Gill tabbed Kale Pick quarterback just weeks before the season. He had been in a competition with Joe Webb for the starting job. One of my concerns about waiting so long to name a starter was that you were splitting reps and whoever was named the starter would have half the number of first team reps necessary.

Pick went out there on Saturday against North Dakota State and had no rhythm at all. His numbers -- 13-of-22 for 138 yards and a pick -- weren't great by any means. It caused Webb to come in the fourth quarter to try to salvage the game.

Gill says he's not sure who will be the next quarterback.

“We felt like we’ve always had two good quarterbacks,” Gill said. “We’ll continue to evaluate, and hopefully we’ll find the right guy as soon as possible.”

To me that quote sounds like they're still looking for the right guy. Last I remember Gill had named Pick the starter. So apparently he's not the starter anymore and they're still searching.

With quarterback problems, there's not much a team can do. If your quarterback isn't good, then the rest of your team won't be good.

This could be a long season for Kansas.