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Mizzou Depth Chart: Ebner, Brinkley Still Out, Other Changes

During the month of August, Mizzou Tigers LB Will Ebner and TE Beau Brinkley were arrested for DUI. They didn't appear on the first depth chart of the year last week and didn't play in week one.

Now the week two depth chart has come out and both Ebner and Brinkley are missing.

SB Nation's Rock M Nation has the run down on a few key changes:

  • Starting LB Luke Lambert is out and it's Andrew Wilson who backs him up -- not Ebner.
  • Also missing, like last week, is Derrick Washington who was booted from the team last week.
  • Kendial Lawrence and De'Vion Moore are still the first string running backs.
  • Jarrell Harrison returned to starting free safety replacing Jasper Simmons.

Mizzou shouldn't have to change a whole lot moving into the next week. They were fairly healthy outside of Lambert and a stinger from Lawrence.