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Bill Belichick, Jarrad Page Talk About Patriots, Chiefs Trade

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Patriots head coach Bill Belichick made the decision to trade for Chiefs safety Jarrad Page last weekend. It's unclear what the compensation is but likely a late round draft pick.

Belichick said he wasn't too familiar with Page other than knowing he was a good player.

"We haven't had Page, but he's played in the league and he's been productive," Belichick said. "We've played against him, and I don't exactly see how he fits in, but I'm glad we got him. I think he'll be a good addition to the group and I think he'll help us."

Page meanwhile said he's glad to be part of a winner.

"The Patriots are a team that's kind of like the Yankees," he said. "You never like them, but when you get a chance to play for them, you're excited and you're really happy that you get to go to a team that's a perennial winner. I know about the Super Bowl rings," he said. "I know it's a team that goes out with the chance to win a game every week."

It looks like this could be a steal for Belichick. If Page is happy then he gave up a late round pick for a pretty good player who has started a lot of games early in his career.

When he was happy (prior to Todd Haley's arrival), Page was among the biggest steals in the NFL. He had started every game in his first three years and was seemingly set to start for a long time in Kansas City.

He'll be working on a one-year deal in New England and said he's not worried about a new contract right now.