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Lew Perkins Out As Kansas AD Effective Immediately

In a surprising move, Kansas Jayhawks officials announced on Tuesday that athletic director Lew Perkins would leave the university effective immediately.

KU is calling it his retirement.

Sean Lestern has been tabbed the interim AD.

There was no reason given as to why the move happened now.

Back in June, following a ticket scandal and allegations (later said to be false) that Perkins had borrowed exercise equipment in exchange for tickets, the Kansas AD announced he would be retiring on Sept. 4, 2011. Some people's ears perked when they learned Perkins would be receiving a $600,000 bonus about a month before his retirement date.

Perkins' has been under fire for a multitude of reasons lately including the ticket scandal, blackmail scandal, his flying habits and the Mark Mangino situation.

We'll be curious to find out the back story behind his departure.