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Kansas AD Lew Perkins Walks Away With $2 Million After Early Retirement

Lew Perkins was supposed to be paid up to his retirement date on Sept. 4, 2011.

He'll still be paid -- but he's not going to work until that date.

Here's part of KU's announcement on Perkins' retirement:

Perkins’ contract provides for a June 30, 2011, retention payment, which will be paid at this time. Therefore, the total amount entitled to Perkins following today’s announcement is approximately $2 million before taxes. This will be paid by Kansas Athletics; no taxpayer or tuition dollars will be used.

Not bad work if you can get it.

Though Perkins will be criticized upon his departure -- and rightfully so in some cases -- he leaves KU in good shape creating a bigger and bigger flow of money into the university every year. He was a public relations nightmare at times but when the facts are presented it's hard to argue he wasn't one of the better ADs in the country.