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Lew Perkins Says Retirement Will 'Allow Me To Explore Other Professional Opportunities'

Lew Perkins surprisingly announced his retirement from Kansas University on Tuesday afternoon.

It's a little surprising he left early because he had previously said after his retirement he would continue to live in Lawrence. His plans to stay in the community were reflected in the statement he gave on his early retirement.

“I’ve enjoyed my seven years here at KU,” said Perkins. “What I’ve cherished more than anything is the opportunity to work with our coaches, student-athletes, staff, alumni, Williams Fund members and K-Club members.

“I am grateful that Chancellor Hemenway allowed Gwen and me to come to Lawrence to be part of the great university. We love this community; we consider it home. This decision will give us a chance to stay involved in the community in different ways. It will also allow me to explore other professional opportunities.”

What would those "other professional opportunities" be?

It's unclear if Perkins' retirement agreement with KU would keep him from accepting certain jobs in college athletics.