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Report: Lew Perkins Was Forced Out At Kansas To Avoid Input On Next AD Hire

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Many found it curious that Lew Perkins decided to retire a year before his scheduled retirement date. KU's release on the topic did indeed describe it as an early retirement.

Of course with Perkins we've learned that there's always more to the story.

A report from Sports By Brooks says that KU didn't want Perkins to have any input on the next athletic director that is hired.

I’m told Perkins was already promoting one of his KU athletic dept. cronies for his former post, but that university officials were extremely uncomfortable in having the scandal-addled Perkins associated with the future hire.

Brooks also points out that the Kansas Governmental Ethics Commission was scheduled to soon review Perkins reported $15,000 personal loan of exercise equipment (which he says he later paid).

It makes a lot of sense on the surface. Over the last year plenty of reports have come out that paint the picture of Perkins running a dirty program at Kansas. He personally hasn't been implicated but several people under him have been. So KU doesn't want Perkins hands on the next hire because that could potentially bring back the same problems KU has now.

If this is the case it's an unfortunate end for Perkins. He did so much for Kansas but also cost them so much.