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Turner Gill Could Be One Most Affected By Lew Perkins' Retirement

Whenever there is a regime change in any organization, the folks already in-house get nervous.

For Bill Self, there's no reason to be nervous because his job is safer than anyone's in the country. For Turner Gill, things are a little different.

He was hired by Perkins and in his first game on campus embarrassingly lost 6-4 to North Dakota State.

The new AD will come in and he won't have any ties to Gill. He doesn't have a reputation at stake with Gill's success. If Gill simply isn't getting it done on the field, the new AD may not have a problem with making an early change and putting his stamp on the program.

A change at the head of the football program after just one year would bring with it plenty of problems, mainly recruiting, but it's very possible that happens.

For Gill, let's hope he starts winning. The new AD isn't tied to him and he'll have to provide results.