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Turner Gill: No Decision At QB For The Kansas Jayhawks

The Kansas Jayhawks have a bad problem.

They don't know who their quarterback is.

Head coach Turner Gill held a quarterback competition late into the offseason and announced Kale Pick as the winner.

Then of course Pick couldn't put points on the board against North Dakota State and that led way to Joe Jordan Webb, who wasn't much more impressive.

Gill tells the KC Star that there is no decision on who the quarterback will be next weekend against Georgia Tech.

“The benefit of it is you’ve got competition,” Gill said. “The negative is you don’t have an opportunity for chemistry, continuity, as far as your offensive players. I’m not gonna sit here and say I’m for playing back-and-forth with quarterbacks. We’ll find out as time goes along."

For all positions, continuity is important -- but it's doubly important for the quarterback.

I firmly believe KU needs to pick someone and stick with them. Pulling them out of the game and replacing them hurts their confidence and doesn't help the situation.

I imagine this is a story we'll be writing a few times this season.

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