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Mizzou AD Mike Alden Briefly Addresses Derrick Washington Situation

Mizzou AD Mike Alden has had a rough few weeks. He's seen two players and a coach arrested for DWI and the star running back booted from the team for an alleged incident of sexual assault.

Alden said on 810 WHB this week (transcribed words via the KC Star) that all decisions within the athletic program are made with the university's values in mind.

"And so those are the types of processes that we go through. We've never made 'em public and we'll never make ‘em public. Certainly, any actions that we take, that's something we've done internally, which we have in this case. But its something that's been unfortunate, it's been challenging, but that we've made those decisions and we're moving forward from that."

Mizzou has been criticized by some in this process because they acted on Washington so early. Before he admitted guilt for his alleged actions, he was gone from the program.

So, did the school know more than we did?

"We always are communicating at a very good and a very high level," Alden said. "So it would be certainly safe to say that hopefully we have a good handle on everything that's going on around our program and a lot of stuff that we'll know about will be things that aren't necessarily played out in public."

I'm not sure what that means. Alden talked a lot but didn't say much of substance regarding the Washington case. That's probably for the best, though.